Call Me Crazy, But Never Call Me Shirley

Back in March, Topps Living Set was introduced with the idea of starting with card #1 but not having an ending card. 3 cards are released per week at $15 for all 3, or $8 per card if bought separately, all based on the 1953 Topps baseball design.

Mathematically, this is a huge investment if a collector wanted to attempt this: $15 x 52 weeks equals $780/year for just 156 cards, and that’s assuming the collector bought the 3-card bundle instead of each one individually.

That’s simply crazy. I mean, what kind of idi…oh.

Actually, I dig this set because it gives me a chance to build a set with my kids that could possibly continue when they’re adults and have kids of their own. Plus, the set is based on the 1953 Topps baseball design which I think is one of the better designs from that decade.

My only gripe so far with this set is that the cards aren’t serial-numbered. Other than that, the cardboard stock along with amazing images really help the cards “pop”. No flashy gimmicks here, just the way the 1953 set was intended.

You can follow my progress and check out the scans of each card (once I finish scanning, that is), including a “living” checklist here:

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