1994 Finest Refractors

1994 Finest Baseball is a 440-card set released in two series of 220 cards each. Each series includes 40 special design Finest cards: 20 top 1993 rookies (1-20), 20 top 1994 rookies (421-440) and 40 top veterans (201-240). It’s believed that these subset cards are in slightly shorter supply than the basic issue cards, but the manufacturer has never confirmed this. Some series 2 packs contained either one or two series 1 cards.

Production of 1994 Finest was greatly increased over the previous year’s set. The only notable Rookie Card is Chan Ho Park.
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Feel free to view the checklist to see what cards I need to complete the 1994 Topps Finest Refractors set. As I just started the collection, there are over 400 cards out of 440 that I still need. It will take some time to complete, but it will be fun…and somewhat costly. Well worth it though.


Have: 7/440; 1.6% complete

1994 Topps Finest Refractor Brian McRae 1994 Topps Finest Refractor Eduardo Perez 1994 Topps Finest Refractor Jose Mesa 1994 Topps Finest Refractor Darryl Hamilton 1994 Topps Finest Refractor Matt Williams FIN 1994 Topps Finest Refractor Gene Harris 1994 Topps Finest Refractor Sean Berry


Card #: Player Name: Have:
62 Brian McRae Y
73 Eduardo Perez Y
138 Jose Mesa Y
142 Darryl Hamilton Y
214 Matt Williams FIN Y
340 Gene Harris Y
342 Sean Berry Y