1994 Bowman’s Best Refractors

1994 Bowman’s Best is a 200-card set that is a hybrid of Topps’ successful Bowman and Finest lines. The set consists of 90 veteran stars, 90 rookies and prospects and 20 Mirror Image cards. The veteran cards have red fronts and are designated R1-R90.

The rookies and prospects cards have blue fronts and are designated B1-B90. This is the first instance of Topps’ “Red/Blue” numbering scheme that has become commonplace in future Bowman sets.

Subsets featured are Super Vet (R1-R6), Super Rookie (R82-R90), and Blue Chip (B1-B11).

The 20 Mirror Image cards feature a veteran star and a prospect matched by position in a horizontal design. These cards are numbered X91-X110.

Notable Rookie Cards include Billy Wagner, Chan Ho Park, Jorge Posada and Edgar Renteria.

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Feel free to view the checklist to see what cards I need to complete the 1994 Bowman’s Best Refractors set. As I just started the collection, there are over 180 cards out of 200 that I still need. It will take some time to complete, but it will be fun…and somewhat costly. Well worth it though.


Have: 13/200; 6.5% complete

Blue (1-90):
1994 Bowman's Best Blue Refractor Midre Cummings 1994 Bowman's Best Blue Refractor Shane Andrews 1994 Bowman's Best Blue Refractor Tony Clark 1994 Bowman's Best Blue Refractor Gerald Witasick, Jr.

Red (1-90):
1994 Bowman's Best Red Refractor Steve Avery 1994 Bowman's Best Red Refractor Ben McDonald 1994 Bowman's Best Red Refractor Ben McDonald 1994 Bowman's Best Red Refractor Kevin Mitchell 1994 Bowman's Best Red Refractor Jimmy Key 1994 Bowman's Best Red Refractor John Olerud 1994 Bowman's Best Red Refractor Jay Buhner 1994 Bowman's Best Refractor Andy Van Slyke

Mirror Image (91 – 110):
1994 Bowman's Best Refractor Mirror Image Carlos Baerga/Arquimedez Pozo


Card #: Player Name: Have:
B7 Midre Cummings Y
B24 Shane Andrews Y
B62 Tony Clark Y
B87 Gerald Witasick Jr. Y
R20 Tom Glavine Y
R22 Ben McDonald Y
R23 Jack McDowell Y
R33 Kevin Mitchell Y
R60 Jimmy Key Y
R62 John Olerud Y
R67 Jay Buhner Y
R77 Andy Van Slyke Y
X103 Carlos Baerga/Arquimedez Pozo Y