For about years now, I’ve had a blog/website dedicated to collecting baseball cards. I used to run a website dedicated to collecting Tony Clark cards, and I think I had a pretty impressive collection. I also used to run a blog called 90s Box Breaks, where I would buy boxes of cards from the 1990s and post the results. It was somewhat successful, as I had a decent amount of followers

Sadly, health reasons complicated things and so I made the unfortunate decision to scale back on those sites and my collections and ended both. It was the right decision at the time, but looking back, I do wish I would’ve kept them alive.

Life goes on.

Years later, I started The Refractor Project, which is dedicated to collecting refractor cards from the 1990s. Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey. Topps Finest, Bowman’s Best, Topps Chrome, etc. 1 refractor from each set, insert, and subset. Pretty simple yet challenging due to all the sports having refractors, but still fun.

That sparked my interest in collecting again and truth be told, I have a ton of singles/inserts from the 90s that I never parted with. After consideration and contemplating, I decided to give it another go, with a simple goal: dedicate a blog to sports cards.

Personal stories will be the bulk of the blog, as well as talk about certain cards and inserts from different eras and sports. There’s really no limit to what will be posted.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links may be used throughout the site. You are in no way obligated to click through or even make a purchase. However, any money received will go back into the site via new cards, hosting, etc.